The SHAAMS Platform is the main source of information and interaction among the solar sector agents in the ENPI-CBC Med area; through the platform, these agents will have access to classified information, arranged by country or topic of interest, and will be provided with a meeting point where to find common solutions that result in the development and growth of the solar sector in the Mediterranean. The Platform offers freely accesible external information that you could be interested in. In case you are interested in publish your own documents and data, please, do no hesitate to contact us.

Last updates

  • SOLARTYS Project Agreement - Shaams Project reaches an agreement with Solartys (spanish solar energy cluster) for the dissemination and promotion of the materials produced in the association within the Shaams platform.
  • ZEMEDS Project Agreement - Shaams reaches agreement with the ZEMEDS Project to distribute training and practical materials regarding Nearly Zero Energy Schools in the Mediterranean Region.
  • CEDRO-UNDP - ON the CEDRO-UNDP website, you can find a section of publications in which you can read national studies (http://www.cedro-undp.org/Publications/National%20Studies), newsletters (http://www.cedro-undp.org/Publications/Newsletters), exchanges (http://www.cedro-undp.org/Publications/Exchanges) and reports(http://www.cedro-undp.org/Publications/Reports). National Studies: ARMY SUSTAINABILITY REPORT (November 16, 2015); STREET LIGHTING STRATEGY (March 16, 2015); GEOTHERMAL (March 24, 2014); LEBANON’S FIRST NATIONAL SURVEY STUDY OF THE SOLAR WATER HEATERS MARKET (March ... Read more